Elect Duane Dishno

Huntington Beach Union High School District
Governing Board Member


Contributions are important and help pay for filing fees, website creation, communications with voters, and other costs related to running a successful campaign.


Reaching out to thousands of parents and community members is costly.  In whatever way you might support my re-election, I am sincerely grateful.  Please note that contributions of $100 or more must include the contributor's name, address, occupation, and employer, unless retired, and may be mailed to the address below.  I hope you will consider supporting my re-election in any of the following ways.

o   Contribute any amount towards my campaign.and send this email to friends asking them to support my re-election.

o   Place a campaign sign in your yard urging your neighbors to support my re-election.

 Assist in the campaign by writing notes or telephoning friends to urge their support.


Together, we can make a difference for students and their families in the Huntington Beach Union High School District

Thank you for your help and support. (Campaign ID # 1407222

Please mail this form with your completed endorsement form and check payable to:

 Elect Duane Dishno

19012 Poppy Hill Circle

Huntington Beach, CA 92648