Elect Duane Dishno

Huntington Beach Union High School District
Governing Board Member


Partial List of Endorsements
Jim Silva, Former Huntington Beach Mayor, Orange County Supervisor, State Legislator
William Habermehl, Retired Orange County Superintendent of Schools
Al Mijares, Orange County Superintendent of Schools
Margie Rice, Former Westminster Mayor and current Council Member
Sergio Contreras, Westminster Council Member
Larry Crandall, Former Fountain Valley City Council Member and Mayor
Matthew Harper, Huntington Beach Mayor
Ron Shenkman, Former Huntington Beach Mayor and Rainbow Disposal
Ralph Bauer, Former Huntington Beach Mayor
Dave Sullivan, Huntington Beach City Council Member
Keith Bohr, Former Huntington Beach Mayor
Shirley Detloff, Former Huntington Beach Mayor
Cathy Green, Former Huntington Beach Mayor, First VP, Orange County Water District
Linda Moulton-Patterson, Former Huntington Beach Mayor, Former HBUHSD Board of Trustees, Public Affairs Consultant
Dr. Marc Ecker, Superintendent, Fountain Valley School District
Alan G Rasmussen, Retired Educator
Lawrence (Larry) Kemper, Ed.D., Former HBCSD Superintendent
Kathy Kessler, Retired Superintendent, Huntington Beach City School District
Dr. Gary Rutherford, Former HBCSD Superintendent, Superintendent Desert Sands U.S.D.
Bonnie Castrey, HBUHSD Governing Board Member, Mediator, Arbitrator, Fact Finder
Kathleen Iverson, HBUHSD Board of Trustees and Retired Teacher
Michael Simons, HBUHSD Governing Board Member
Susan Henry, HBUHSD Governing Board Member
Brian Rechsteiner, Huntington Beach City School District Trustee
Rosemary Saylor, Huntington Beach City School District Trustee
Catherine G. McGough, Former HBCSD Trustee
Bill Wallace, Former HBCSD Trustee; Retired U.S. Department of State Attorney
Ian Collins, Fountain Valley School District Trustee
Sandra Crandall, Trustee, Fountain Valley School District
Judy Edwards, Fountain Valley School District Trustee
Bonnie Bruce, Chair, HBUHSD Personnel Commission and Former HBUHSD Trustee
Edwin C. Laird, Laird Coatings Corporation
Alex Acetta, C.P.A.
District Educators Association (DEA), HBUHSD
Chapter 157 Classified School Employees Association, HBUHSD
Christiane Garisek, President, HBUHSD CSEA Chapter 157
Ocean View Teachers Association
Huntington Beach/Fountain Valley Precinct Patriots
Pat Clark White, Retired Educator
Elaine Garland, Retired Special Education Teacher
Delores Stephens, Retired Educator
Dr. Dixie L. Arnold, Associate Professor/Chair Vanguard University
Jim Engle, Retired Huntington Beach Community Services Director
Connie Silva, Retired Special Education Teacher
Robert J. Mann, Retired Teacher
Paul L. Kollar, Retired HBUHSD Teacher and Coach, Retired Golden West College Instructor/Coach
Robert Castrey, Retired Mediator and Arbitrator, Former Huntington Beach Personnel Commission Chair
Michael Gates, Attorney at Law
Maureen Pabbruwee, Retired CPA and Past PTA President
Jerry Pabbruwee, Civil Engineer P.E., Vice President Sukut Construction
Ann Sullivan, Huntington Seacliff Elementary School Principal
Olivia Gaddini, Former teacher and HBCSD Principal
Marie Smith, Retired HBCSD Principal
Linda Wheaton, Retired HBUHSD and HBCSD School Secretary and Administrative Assistant
Janet S Rasmussen, Retiree
Jack Carey
Gary Burgner, Retired Education Administrator
Cindy Garland, Teacher, HBCSD
Gary Wheaton, Retired Educator
N. Jack Elsner, Retired Assistant Superintendent Personnel/Labor Relations
Cathy Meschuk, Grant Writer
Bob Meschuk, Manufacturer
Lynda Rutherford, Retired Speech Pathologist
Jerry Falabella, Retired Teacher
Harvey/Lucia Morris, Retired Educators
Joseph Hernandez
Sue Hart, Teacher
Mary Dyer, Teacher
Carol Autry, Retired Teacher
Dee Sheahan, Retired Teacher
Don Johnson, Retired School Psychologist
Midge and Tait Hill, Puppeteer
Hodge Hill, Retired Educator
Gary and Lori Charlebois, Investment Advisors

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