Elect Duane Dishno

Huntington Beach Union High School District
Governing Board Member

Campaign Platform

Ensure fiscal responsibility while maintaining accountability to taxpayers.

Increase academic achievement.  There is a need to continue efforts to identify and remove barriers to student success.  This includes A-G completion rates, implementing additional STEAM education initiatives, expanding Career Technical Education awareness and participation in pathway courses, increasing participation in Advanced Placement courses, expanding the Dual Enrollment Program with community colleges, making sure English-learners and students with disabilities have access to the full range of college preparatory courses, and increasing college enrollments immediately after high school.

Provide intervention to support and narrow the achievement gap for English-learners, low-income, foster youth and students with disabilities.  We need to provide research-based systems of support for all students to continue decreasing the number of students transferred to programs outside of our district and to narrow achievement gaps.  Interventions must be in place to support all students.  This requires continuing to decrease suspension and expulsion rates, addressing school safety and connectedness issues, reducing absenteeism rates, providing professional development for staff, expanding credit recovery and use of the Early Warning System to identify struggling students, and providing more educational opportunities for parents through the Parent University.

Ensure a clean, safe and positive climate that supports the academic, emotional and physical needs of every student.  There is often a greater focus on addressing academic needs.  However, students' emotional and physical needs are an important aspect of academic success.  Nurses, psychologists, counselors, wellness specialists and other support staff must be in place for every student with a need for their services.

Maintain extra-curricular programs and services, including the arts and other uniquely enriching experiences for students.

Expand technology proficiency by students and staff.

With your help, we can make these things happen!